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The vision of the club is to promote and inspire innovative ideas with leadership quality & to provide an educational forum for members to learn about providing practical experience which is far away from curriculum based education by adding training, workshops, and seminars under one platform to transform them to gain confidence, competent there by enriching their lives.


Promotes the study and exploration of computer technology there by Uplift the technical status of the graduates through skill development training, workshops, seminars, real time projects with emphasis on Strategizing goals, teamwork, management and research skills with the application of computer technologies to attain international competitiveness.



We are dedicated to increasing the involvement of our cce students towards achieving something extra apart from the daily cut-out syllabi planned for them. In a world of high tech advancements, knowledge with implementation becomes mandatory for all budding Engineers of Manipal University Jaipur. The CCE club will act as that family where people can learn, share and motivate others to do the same.



  • Providing managerial services to organize technical and professional events in the college.
  • To nurture the minds of students towards creativity and steer their talents by exposing them to high quality research in different areas of computer engineering and technology.
  • Discussion of various types of matters of public interests relating to computer technology. 
  • To provide computer and computerized device knowledge and mentored trainings.
  • To make the student able converts theoretical knowledge in practical work. To make our students to excel in the area of computers & Communication Engineering to produce high quality engineers.
  • To develop fellowship between the students of our college along with the development of mutual understanding



Gaurav Prasad, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer and Communication Engineering, SCIT,MUJ.



  • President: Snigdha Arora, 6th Sem; Contact: 9140260992 Email: 
  • General Secretary: Tanmay Goyal, 6th Sem Contact: 9694006062
  • Treasurer: Rudra Pratap Singh Chauhan 6th Sem Contact: 8279755282 Email:
  • Core Advisory: Ishika Kanoi, th Sem Contact: 7086016776 Email:



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