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The faculty of Arts of MUJ believes in the best and most effective approaches to learning. Preparing and facilitating more exciting, challenging and interesting lessons is vital to creating experiences that engage students. We aim at chiseling pupils’ yearnings to make a difference, to fulfill their dreams, and turn them into doable strategies as to make these yearnings come true.

What sets us apart is our strong international focus and emphasis on real- life practical case studies. In every aspect of legal study, theoretical concepts and case laws are constantly applied from current courtroom and corporate scenarios, using national and international applications. Our aim is to prepare graduates who make a difference in the workforce. We engage in research and creative activities leading to scientific, technical, artistic and social advances. This plays a vital role in the growth and over-all development of each student.

Young minds need to be taught critical and analytical skills so as to comment and envisage transformation. We at MUJ strive for maintaining a reputation for quality teaching. We are engaged in making it an academic dreamland, a superior abode of learning and knowledge for young men and women. The students of MUJ understand that with the power of knowledge, comes the responsibility to translate it into creative citizenship. We go an extra mile to ensure that students are not only empowered with professional competence, an ability to assume positions of leadership with ease but also shatter inhibitory glass ceilings.