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Director, School of Business and Commerce


Faculty Profile

Commodore(Dr) Jawahar Jangir 

Provost and Director, School of Business and Commerce

Commodore(Dr) Jawahar Jangir has  over 30 years of work experience in the Indian Navy,  4 years in a Public Sector Undertaking(PSU) and after retirement from the PSU in Aug 19, he has worked in BSDU, Jaipur and JJTU, Jhunjhunu.  The various assignments done by Cmde  Jangir, whilst in the Indian Navy range from strategic planning, operations, maintenance, human resource management, quality assurance, infrastructure planning and development, training/academics and diplomatic having served in various organisations both in India and abroad. His main educational and professional qualifications include PhD(Business Administration), AMU, Aligarh; MSc (Engg) from RNEC, Manadon, UK; MSc (Defence and Strategic Studies) from University of Madras; and Master Diploma in Business Administration from Symbiosis Institute of Management, Pune. Cmde Jangir had also done a tenure of about three and half years in Nigeria as Defence Adviser with concurrent accreditation of other nearby countries. Whilst in the PSU, as an Executive Director, he steered the Make in India Programme and contributed in immense measures to indigenise a large number of equipment/items with the help of the Indian Industry and foreign collaboration.  He also steered the CSR programme and executed a large number of innovative projects. He was also responsible for administration of the Shipyard with strength of over 10,000 personnel/employees. Cmde Jangir has worked as Professor, Principal and Director in BSDU, Jaipur and as Pro President in JJTU, Jhunjhunu. Presently he is working in the Faculty of Management and Commerce and appointed as Director School of Business and Commerce.

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