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Faculty of Design promotes cross-disciplinary research for generating new knowledge and disseminating existing knowledge across Architecture, Planning, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Interior Design, and other allied fields that can bring positive change in the environment. The research is supported by state-of-the-art laboratories, while synergizing with other disciplines such as Management, Basic Sciences and Engineering. 

The faculty undertakes research in new technologies, theories and methods related to critical and engaged paradigms in architecture and design education, promotion of sustainable communities through participation, ecological and sustainable development of urban systems, place making through transformation of urban cores, conservation and management of historic architecture, energy studies in built environment, digital transformation and decision making in architecture and planning, structural behaviour of building materials, agri-based textile development, sustainable fashion and garment making, revival of traditional arts and crafts, branding and communication design, space making and furniture design for the elderly and differently-abled, signage and way finding, vernacular architecture and construction technologies, water conservation and restoration measures; & promoting architecture and design education through varied media.

The establishment of the LEED Lab is a significant step in this direction for the creation of new research opportunities. It also strives to promote MUJ campus as a living laboratory, promoting research and experimentation in the field of sustainability. 

Students, academicians, and practitioners with allied interests are welcome to collaborate with us and add to the pool of knowledge. By networking with international experts, we aim to reinforce the vision of catalysing scalable solutions in architecture, design, construction, training, and policy that will ensure an equitable society.





Name of the Research Project

Area of Research

Global Encyclopaedia of Women in Architecture, 1960-2015, Bloomsbury
(Funding – 1.22 lakhs)


IEQ (Indoor Environment Quality) Benchmarking Platform for Institutional Campuses funded by ASHRAE India Chapter (Funding – 1.5 lakhs)

Study of Earth Sheltered Buildings in Hot Dry Climate

Energy Efficient Clusters in Hot Dry Climate of India

Development of Rating System for Sustainable Buildings in India

Guidelines for Efficient Urban Design for Jaipur City

Urban Ecological Issues and Interventions in Gandhi Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Rejuvenation of Surface Water for Conservation of Biodiversity: A Case Study of Ramgarh Lake, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Reviving Biodiversity within the Urban Green Spaces of Jaipur through Vegetation Interventions, Rajasthan

Study of Native Wildlife Habitat Conservation within the Urban Ecology of Jaipur, Rajasthan

An Integrated Approach for the Conservation of Wetlands to promote Bio-diversity: A Case Study of Sambhar Lake, Rajasthan

Urban Design Documentation and Rejuvenation Strategies for Jaipur Walled City Area, Rajasthan

Revitalization of Satellite Town – Bagru, Rajasthan

Urban design Documentation and Strategies for Kesarganj, Ajmer, Rajasthan 

Revitalization of Pushkar Town, Rajasthan

Revitalization of Market Places in Jaipur Walled City, Rajasthan

Urban Design provisions to Enhance Walkability and to provide Organized Vending Zones, Jaipur, Rajasthan (Proposal submitted to DST, Rajasthan)

Urban Ecology and City of Jaipur, Rajasthan (Proposal submitted to DST, Rajasthan)

Completed Architectural Consultancy Projects: NOIDA International Public School, Consultancy.

Dr. Madhura Yadav and Abhas Verma

Assessment of Bamboo as Sustainable Material for Farm Structures.

Dr. Madhura Yadav and Abhas Verma

Urban Rejuvenation Of Open Spaces And Associated Water Bodies In The Jaipur Walled City.

Prof. (Dr.) Madhura Yadav Ar. Neha Saxena, Ar. Bibhu K Nayak, Ar. Manish Sharma.

Application of nanomaterials in architecture – An overview

Dr. Madhura Yadav and Abhas Verma

Enhancing Quality of Life in Cities Through Public Open Spaces: A Case of Lucknow City.  Ar. Jyoti Yadav

Creating opportunities for specially-abled (hearing impaired) people to become employable (Funding – 1.75 lakhs)

Fashion Design

Developing Garments for the Physically Challenged People, Community Development, Development in Handloom

Traditional Textiles & Crafts, Forecasting

Apparel Product Realization, Creative Textiles & Surface Ornamentation

Phad (Craft Community of Rajasthan), Ethnographic Design Research, Visual Communication, Folk Design, Transmedia, Cognitive Ergonomics

Technical training to Specially-abled People, Training, and Innovation in Apparel Manufacturing

Indian Craft - Kaavad, Origin and Transformation of Islamic Calligraphy

Designed Stationary for Convocation (2014 to 2019)

Applied Art

Designed AIC (Atal Incubation Center) Logo in 2019

Designed Mementoes for Degree Certificate with illustration for Sikkim Manipal, MAHE & Manipal University Jaipur in 2017-18

Designed model for Manipal University Jaipur namely: a) University and Hostel Model (2019), b) Residential Campus Model (2013-14), c) MUJ Campus Model (2012)

Designed 3D Mementoes for Chief Guest in Annual Convocation in 2019

Designed Souvenir for the University (2014 to 2019)

Mementoes for Gold Medal Students (2014-15)

Development of Wayfinding Strategy for Urban Spaces of Jaipur

Interior Design

Design for Social: To enhance the user experience of Train Vendors

Ancient Architecture of India and its Influences on Future Architectural Design

Sustainability Indices for Transformations in Vernacular Building

Design methodology for Urban Voids present in Jaipur

Evaluation Process in Design Education - Elimination of Personal Biases Promoting Subjectivity as Design Philosophy





School of Architecture & Design

Public Spaces and Feminist Utopias; Terrain Vague and Alternative Urbanities; Gender and Leadership in Architectural Education; Architectural Theories and History & Critical Thinking in Architectural Education ​

Prof. (Dr.) Anuradha Chatterjee

Architecture - Ecology Interface; Eco-cities; Promotion of Eco-materials; Community Based Participatory Research; Future Design and Planning of Smart Cities and Villages & Sustainable Building Rating Systems

Prof. (Dr.) Madhura Yadav

Sustainable Development of Religious-Historic Cities with emphasis on the Conservation of Intangible Parameters; Managing the Impact of Urbanization on Peri-urban Areas

Prof. Sunanda Kapoor

Heritage Restoration and Management of Historic Cities and Sites; Heritage Value Assessment; Tools and Approaches for Measuring Heritage Economics & Adaptation of Vernacular Architecture in Modern Construction

Ar. Neha Saxena

Energy Efficient Buildings; Climate Conscious Design & Smart Urban Systems

Ar. Bibhu Kalyan Nayak

Urban Water System; Urban Resilience; Disaster Resilience & Hospitality Buildings

Ar. Manish Sharma

Urban Planning; Tourism Induced Planning Transformation; Sustainable Urban Development & Hospitality Architecture and Design

Ar. Abhas Verma

Urban Design and Place Making; Campus Planning and Design; Mass Housing; Behavioral Psychology; Urban Governance & Smart City

Ar. Akshay Gupta

Slum Rehabilitation and Redevelopment; Affordable Housing; Governance for Urban Poor; Mechanical Services in Buildings; GIS and Remote Sensing; Solid Waste Management & Post Occupancy Evaluation of Affordable Housing Schemes and Programs

Ar. Raunak Prasad

Construction and Project Management; Concrete Technology; Highway Construction Models & Real Estate Economics and Regulations

Er. Siddhant Walia

School of Planning & Design

Fashion Design

Developing Protective Garments for Women; Agri-based Textiles;
Developments in Handloom & Cluster Development

Prof. (Dr.) Sampath Kumar Padmanabha Jinka

Sustainable Fashion, Surface Ornamentation

Prof. Pratibha Sharma

Design Education, Forecasting & Traditional Crafts and Textiles

Dr. Deepshikha Sharma

Pattern Making; Draping & Grading for Men, Women and Kid’s Clothing

Mr. Harshawardhan Soni

Design Thinking; Design Process; Fashion Design; Communication Design & Visual Design

Mr. Saurav Sharma

Pattern Making; Garment Construction (Men, Women and Kids) Merchandising & Manual Grading

Mr. Mahboob Anwer

Material Exploration with various materials; Technical Drawings
(orthographic & isometric drawings) & CAD

Ms. Megha Kapoor

Applied Art

Effects of Language and Illustration on Art of Advertising; Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, Branding and Communication Design

Prof. (Dr.) Anantkumar Dada Ozarkar

Interrelation between Modern Indian Theater and Painting

Dr. Kusum Kanwar

Interior Design

Industrial Design, Development and Detailing; Furniture Design; Sustainable Interiors and Green Building Design; Identity, Signages and Wayfinding

Ar. Sneh Singh

Designing in Urban Voids; Sustainable Approach for Public Spaces & Urban Furnishings

Ar. Sonali Jain

Architecture, Interior and Product design; Design Development and Detailing; Furniture Design & Material Exploration

Ar. Akshita Joshi

Innovations in Emerging Crafts as Evolution of Market Needs; the Effects on Indigenous Craft and Artisans & Exploring Unconventional Materials for Crafts

Ar. Apoorva Agarwal

Building Materials; Construction Drawings; History of Architecture; Modern Art Movements & Photography.

Ar. Kush Jee Kamal

Crafts Process and Technology; Interior Architecture; Vernacular Architecture; Sustainable Built Environment; Furniture Concept and Design & Build Transformation Analysis

Ar. Richa Jagtramka

Ergonomic Designing of Household Interiors based on Human Activities; Traditional and Modern Ways and Standards.

Ar. Heena Ajmera