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The design industry is one of the fastest growing industry of 21st Century. Hence the demand for skilled designers has increased in last few decades. Manipal University Jaipur aims to nurture it as one of its core strengths, with the mission to become the most preferred global destination in design education and research for students, researchers, faculty, collaborators, promoters, investors, and developers. The architecture school was set up in 2012 with this intent.  Successively, to cater to escalating demands, Faculty of Design was established in 2014. Over time, the Faculty has grown into two Schools: School of Architecture and Design, and School of Design & Art and many departments.

In line with Manipal Group’s legacy of providing quality education to its students, Faculty of Design is backed by excellent infrastructure (which include well equipped laboratories and workshops, and a dedicated Faculty of Design library); intellectual capital within the Faculty, and within Manipal University Jaipur; institutional partnerships; recognition from professional societies; and high ranking from national accreditation bodies. At present Faculty of Design is offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs, which include B Arch, M Arch (Landscape), B Des (Interior Design), B Des (Fashion Design), BFA (Applied Art). In future, it will offer more diverse programs and pathways based on the Faculty’s strategic direction and market needs.  



  • To become the most preferred global destination in design education and research for students, researchers, faculty, collaborators, promoters, investors, and developers.
  • To facilitate research based design education with state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities.
  • To promote students’ growth and self-development through internships, guest lectures, industry sponsored projects, and opportunities for experiential learning.
  • To equip students with the competence to rise to the global standards and changing trends at different levels of creative fields
  • To synergize the design schools to create a spirit of multidisciplinary contributions for excellence in education and research



  • LEED Lab – To become responsible professionals to handle sustainability issues
  • Climatology Lab – Feel of the climatic parameters as they affect human comfort
  • Materials Lab – Physical appreciation of materials and technologies
  • Digital Model Making Workshop – Physical visualization of forms with design process and develop prototypes while experimenting with form
  • Computer Applications Lab – Providing technologically updated and experiential software learning and fostering excellence and efficiency in design process
  • Construction Yard - Provides opportunity to the students to experiment with various building materials and building construction technology
  • GIS Lab – Collect, analyze, research, develop, implement, and monitor the spatial data and its display in different formats
  • Garment Construction Lab – Well-equipped lab with the latest technology machines to acquire a holistic understanding of machinery and provide practical insight to the students
  • Pattern Making & Draping Lab – Equipped with specialized pattern making tables and dress forms to enhance academic deliverance by providing practical insight
  • Dyeing & Printing Lab – Equipped with printing tables along with tabletop sample looms to cater to an effective integration of theoretical and practical inputs
  • Furniture Workshop – In collaboration with Industry where students have access to different machinery, tools, and proper guidance to develop their prototypes
  • Material Exploration Lab – Provide comprehensive and concrete answers to materials and their soft and hard process
  • Photography Lab – An atelier to experiment various photographic ideas using updated equipments for design and advertising