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Director, Admissions, Manipal University Jaipur, Dehmi Kalan, Off Jaipur-Ajmer Expressway, Jaipur, Rajasthan

1800 1020 128 (toll free)

PROGRAM DETAILS - M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)



Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning under School of Computer Science and Engineering of Manipal University Jaipur offers a two-year M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning) program for the young professional who want to build their future in the field of AI&ML.

The major focus of this PG programme is on enhancing students' technical skills and expertise in implementing and deploying AI & ML solutions for real-world applications. M.Tech CSE (AI&ML) enable students to design and develop intelligent systems and applications that can learn and adapt to changing environments. This P.G. course promotes research in the field of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and encourages students to undertake research projects that contribute to the advancement of the field.


M.Tech CSE (AI&ML) offers a comprehensive curriculum, hands-on experience, research opportunities, and industry collaboration, making it an attractive program for those interested in pursuing a career in AI and ML.


  • Key Focus Areas: Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Speech Recognition, Computer Vision, Deep learning, Neural Networks
  • Scholarship to candidates having valid GATE score.
  • Teaching Assistantship to be provided (as per the recommendation of departmental selection committee, at the time of admission)
  • Industry Internship of two months
  • Opportunity to work on ongoing in-house/sponsored projects.
  • Dedicated Computing Research Lab with high-end computers including a supercomputer (>3 TFlops)
  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty from accomplished research backgrounds with vast experience in the field of AI & ML
  • Professional Development Grant for presenting papers at International and National Conferences

Why M.Tech CSE(AIML)?

The overall mission of ‘M.Tech in CSE (AI&ML)’ programme at Manipal University Jaipur, is to inculcate academic excellence and research aptitude in the students. Through qualified teaching professionals, the Department of CSE aims to achieve the following objectives:


  • AI and ML are inherently interdisciplinary fields, create the concepts from computer science, mathematics, statistics, and other disciplines like Electrical, Electronics & Communication, networking, mechanical and civil. This course may offer a multidisciplinary curriculum that prepares students from every domain to work effectively across these different areas.
  • Problem formulation from the real-life scenarios and work with the most up-to-date tools and techniques, which can be a valuable asset in their careers.
  • Imparting knowledge and develop expertise into the domain of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Internet of Things, and Computer Vision.
  • Project-based learning to provide technological and intelligent solutions like developing a chatbot, building a recommendation system, or creating an image recognition system.
  • Advanced learning in developing intelligent systems for Edge Computing and Explainable AI.
  • We have a collaboration with industries and experts in the field so student can learn from their experiences and perspectives. This can also help them to expand their network and find opportunities for further learning and career advancement.
  • Provides a strong foundation for entrepreneurship opportunities so candidate can create new products and services by applying innovative solution that meets the needs of the market and make a positive impact on society.
  • Candidates wishing for a more advanced level of understanding in the field of AI and ML and contributing to research work can further opt for higher courses like Ph. D. and Post Doctorate in the subjects.


  • Data Analytics lab on Python platform in association with EMC2
  • Research Facilities with high power deep learning workstations with GPU RTX2020 configurations.
  • Artificial Intelligence lab with GPU Nvidia Quadro P2200.
  • High Performance Computing lab equipped with PARAM SHAVAK (India’s first compact supercomputer)
  • Advanced Computing Lab with GPUs platform in association with NVIDIA
  • Internet of Things Lab with Edge devices Raspberry Pi and Arduino, Jetson Nano kit. IoT lab supported by Texas Instruments, ARM, and Intel
  • Research Cluster of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for taking Innovative Projects.
  • Wireless Communication lab equipped with Qualnet, WARP boards and modern sensors.
  • Professional tools such as Nessus and Burpsuite Professional for performing live practical on Penetration testing.


B. Tech/B.E in CSE, CE, IT, ISE, AIML, EE, ECE, Mechatronics Engg or equivalent branch of Engineering/ MCA/MSc(IT)/MSc(Mathematics)/MSc(Statistics) with minimum 50% marks in aggregate in the relevant field. Obtained at least 50% marks (45% marks in case of candidates belonging to reserved category) in the qualifying examination.


  • Health Care Analytics
  • Behaviour Analytics
  • AI-based Computational Engineering
  • Deep Learning Neural Network
  • Computer Vision in Medical Analysis using Deep Learning
  • Business intelligence and big data analytics
  • Societal implications of use of predictive analytics
  • Neural Machine Translation to Local languages
  • Gesture and Behaviour Analysis
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • Deep Fake detection and Image Manipulation
  • Automatic Speech Recognition for Indian Languages
  • Biomedical Imaging
  • Game theory and mechanism design for multi-agent systems
  • Multi-agent machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Question Answering System based on Natural Language Processing
  • Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence
  • Recommendation System and Intelligent Task Routing





As per the report published by Gartner, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Domain will create 23 Lakhs Job Opening and this Industry demand will subsequently increase in the upcoming years. Some of the profiles are:


  • ML Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • AI Research Engineer
  • Robotics Engineer
  • AI consultant
  • Technical Architect
  • Research Scientist
  • AI Software Engineer
  • AI DevOps Engineer
  • Computer Vision Engineer
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer
  • AI Solutions Architect


To prepare students profession and industry ready, the department is having collaborations with the following renowned IT industries:

Cisco Academy:

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Networking Essentials
  • Cybersecurity Essentials


EC Council Global Certification:

  • Computer Secured Certified User (CSCU)
  • EC Council Security Specialist (ECSS)
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • EC Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA)
  • Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT)
  • Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)


CompTIA Certification:

  • A+ Certification
  • Network + Certification
  • Security + Certification
  • Data + Certification


Oracle Academy

VM Ware IT Academy Microsoft Imagine Academy Dell Technologies

Secure Meters

IBM Academy

Microsoft Academy


At the end of the program, the students will be able to

  • This Course drawing knowledge from computer science, mathematics, statistics, ML, DL, and Big Data, making it an exciting field of study with hands on lab sessions on Python, TensorFlow, SQL, Tableau and other AI based tools as per the industry demand.
  • This course promotes research in the field of AI and ML and encourages students to undertake research projects that contribute to the advancement of the field.
  • This Program enable students to design and develop intelligent systems and applications that can learn and adapt to changing environments and address complex problems through innovative solutions and meet the growing demand for skilled AI and ML professionals in various industries.


The post graduating students shall be able to:

  • To equip students with the necessary skills and competencies to analyse, design, implement, and evaluate intelligent systems, including data-driven models, decision support systems, and autonomous agents.
  • Use the acquired AI&ML skills and competence to make a promising long-term career as an AI&ML Researcher, ML and Robotics Engineer and NLP Specialist across the different industries.
  • Create entrepreneurial skills to handle complicated data processing techniques and deliver innovative, scalable solutions, paving the way for startups and independent work.
  • To instil in students a strong sense of ethical responsibility and social awareness, and to encourage them to apply their skills and knowledge to address pressing societal challenges, such as healthcare, education, sustainability, and equity.
  • Engage in life-long learning, communicate effectively, and exhibit leadership skills.



Students willing to pursue a degree in the domain of AI&ML, I encourage you to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the field. You are the ones who will carry the torch of AI and ML into the future, and I have no doubt that you will do great things. Let's continue to work together to build a better future with AI and ML.

Dr. Santosh K Vishwakarma

HoD | CSE (AIML) School of Computer Science and Engineering

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M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial 

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