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The BioTech Club of Manipal is an endeavor by the students and faculty of the Department of Biosciences. This club is instituted to encourage the students to take part in the various Biotechnology related events, hands-on-training, field and industry visits, conferences, workshops, seminars, webinars, societal programs, start-up, entrepreneurial ventures and many more. It aims to provide all potential students a chance to do something apart from the curriculum. The club innovates to go beyond the curriculum and indulge in activities in the exciting world of combinatorial sciences for different biotechnological products and process. The club is open for all students of the University.



The club aims to build young minds, explore innovative ideas and by mutual cooperation among members, professors and professionals, abreast with the advancements in the field of biotechnology. It also initiates many events and activities to motivate the enthusiastic to pave a path towards their own venture and become budding entrepreneurs.



Dr. Mousumi Debnath, Associate Prof., Department of Biosciences.

Contact: 9414607377; Email:



  • President: Disha Agarwal, (B. Sc. Hons.) Biotechnology: 3rd Year, 6th Semester Contact: 9001295446
  • Pro-President: Sakshi Singh, (B. Sc. Hons.) Biotechnology: 2nd Year, 4th Semester Contact: 8740000700



An annual fee of Rs. 150 is required to facilitate activities conducted by the club.



  • WEBINAR: A webinar was conducted on Wednesday, 21st November, 2018, on the topic- ‘Nano biotechnology for the precision medicine of cancer’ by Prof. Antonio Villa Verde (Chair Professor of Microbiology, Instit Biotechnologia Biomedicina, Department Genètica Microbiologia, Universitat Autònoma Barcelona, Research Network Center in Bioengineering, Biomaterials and Nano medicine (CIBER-BBN), Spain] was conducted as the first initiative by the Biotech Club, Manipal Students, Scholars and Departmental faculty were abridged with the world class labs and technologies used by their research group to combat the deadly disease Cancer. Prof. the use of Cell targeted Drug Delivery, analysis of delivery to tumors, toxicity and of Nano carriers and many more interesting facts.
  • NUKKAD NATTAK: On 24th January, 2019, an awareness program was conducted for the students of Government school, Dehmi Kalan, Jaipur on the topic “Health and Hygiene”. The aim was to focus on the state of cleanliness in our house and school premises and spread awareness among citizens for proper sanitation, disposal of waste, diseases caused due to water logging and waste management. A group of 14 students from the club performed the act and created interest through their simple, comical and informative acts. The event was a huge success with a gathering of around 60 school students, and teachers from the school. Two doctors from Manipal Hospital also accompanied the event and resolved many health related problems of local women who also witnessed the show. This act will be replicated in the nearby schools and villages at regular interval as a part of the societal connect of the club.
  • AYUSH RAJ ENTERPRISES PVT. LTD.: An industrial visit to Ayushraj Enterprises Ltd., Ajmer Road, Rajasthan, was organized on 27th February, 2019.The company has and also an Analytical division for herbal product testing. The lab is approved by the Ministry of Health, Government of India, certified by ISO for quality management, food safety standards and HACEP besides the accreditation by NABL. The students witnessed the processing of raw materials into plant extracts, tablet making, capsule making and many more activities in the industry. They also saw the working in the quality control labs for parameters for chemical testing, analytical testing and microbiological testing. The visit provided an industry interface and first-hand experience of the quality control labs to the students.
  • MUSHROOM CULTIVATION: A visit to one of the largest mushroom cultivation in Rajasthan on 13th March 2019 gave an in-depth know how of the process of mushroom cultivation. The students were told about the requirements and procedure for the growth of mushroom, the present market scenario of mushroom, along with future prospects of developing this technique in the form of startups, taking it to a wider commercial value. Mushrooms can also be the source of vitamins and health supplements. Students were told how various biotechnological and health related products from mushrooms can be formed.



Some of the exciting events that the students look forward are regular technical workshops on DNA isolation, PCR, protein isolation, quantification of nucleic acids and protein, gel electrophoresis, on Plant Tissue Culture, Workshops on Hydroponics system and Doodle on the basis of Scientific Names”, Spell Bee (science based), Trace the dots to reach the killer (forensic), Art with science, Biopuzzle and Bio quiz are some fun filled forthcoming events to make their learning in biotechnology worthwhile. Regular industrial visits, webinars, seminars, educational visits will update students the field of biotechnology.